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Job Search Radio Episode 5

logobeta1Here’s my synopsis of Job Search Radio Episode 5.

The first guest is Ken Horst, Internet Recruitment Marketing Specialist at Jobs2Web.  Ken is @thejobsguy on twitter.  Ken says there are a lot of jobs out there, but job seekers need to avail themselves of all of the resources available to them and then even get a bit creative. One technique Ken suggests is googling the job you want, such as “search engine optimization in Denver.”  He says the results will give you a good place to start and then you can drill down to the websites, career pages and open positions.  Ken says a lot of jobs are coming from employee referrals and job seekers need to mine their personal networks to find jobs.  Job boards and career fairs attract hundreds of applicants and it’s hard to stand out.  Joining and getting involved in industry associations is also a great way to avoid the cattle call.  Ken has a lot of great job search advice.  Listen to the show, check out his blog and follow him on twitter.

Richard Stanton, CEO of Bintro, is the second guest.  Richard can be followed on twitter @richardstanton.  Richard says Bintro matches those  who may need an opportunity with those who may be able to provide an opportunity.  The company’s goal is to help people help themselves. Opportunity is out there and the best way to position yourself to take advantage of that opportunity is to properly define who you are, what you need and what you can provide.  Your passion may be difficult to portray on your resume. Bintro helps leverage a person’s passion to find the opportunities that may turn hobbies into careers. Bintro is great because it’s simple, it’s anonymous, it’s intuitive and it actually works.  Sign up is quick, easy and free at Bintro.com.  Check it out.

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