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Meetup for Job Search Success

images-3In the short time this blog has been in existence, I’ve chronicled a few of the many job search resources that are available to those looking for that next job.  Here’s a resource I found in Richmond and there is probably something similar in your neighborhood.

When I was job hunting, I joined a couple of job seeker groups that I found on the Meetup website.  One was Virginia Career Network and the other was Career Prospectors.  Both groups offer networking and lead sharing to job searchers, as well as how-to presentations on topics such as resume writing, using social media such as LinkedIn and my all time favorite, creating your own personal “elevator speech.”

A search of sites such as Meetup and LinkedIn will yield groups near you.  You can also check facebook and local government agencies for listings of similar organizations.  There are a lot of these groups out there, many are free, others charge a membership fee.  Some groups focus on certain industries such as technology.

Good luck in your job search and keep networking to find that next great job.

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