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No Stress!

No Stress!

There is a great article in yesterday’s New York Times about the stress a person feels after losing a job and how that stress can help sink the job search process. 

This reminded me of my own job search stress.  I had been unemployed for a few months and my stress was growing daily.  One day out of the blue, a recruiter called and what seemed like the last company in town that was hiring had called them and wanted to see me.  I sweated through three interviews and sat on pins and needles for every piece of news, assuming the worst during periods of silence.  Finally, the day for my fourth and last interview came.  I was so stressed out I drove right by the company, and arrived a couple of minutes late.  Nervous and assuming I was cooked, I soldiered on and got the job inspite of myself.

So I understand how stress, anxiety, depression, a sense of self doubt and all the rest can play havoc on the job search.  These are real feelings and they shouldn’t be ignored.  But they can be managed. 

My advice is to ask others to help you:  friends, colleagues, family, healthcare professionals, recruiters, job search experts and anyone else you may respect.  In many cases, just talking about your feelings can help enormously.  When you’re in need and you ask for help, help can come from the most unlikely places.

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Social Media for the Job Searcher

images-3The unemployment rate has hit 9.5 percent and this recession has gone on longer than any recession since the 1930s.  Nearly half a million jobs were lost in June alone.  This has made the job search even more challenging.  Successful job searchers will need to use every tool at their disposal to rise above potentially hundreds of others who are vying for the same job.

Episode 13 of Job Search Radio on the Small Plate Radio Network has some great tips about using Search Engine Optimization in your LinkedIn profile and in your resume.  Employers and recruiters are using keyword searches to find the right candidates.

As I’ve blogged before, twitter is the ultimate job search tool.  You can search for jobs on twitter using a twitter interface like TweetDeck.  You can also send out your own tweets about your job search.  

Social media has made great job search tools available to the masses.  Put those tools to good use.

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Career Ministries

images-3Joe Jones of Career Ministries is the guest on Episode 12 of Job Search Radio on the Small Plate Radio Network.

Joe talks about the four stages of stress that a person goes through when they lose their job.  The first phase is a combination of shock, denial and isolation.  Stage 2 is anger and guilt.  The third stage is frustration which can lead to depression.  The fourth stage is acceptance, hope and the desire to move on.  Joe talks about the need to move through these stages so that you are in stage 4 when you begin interviewing for a new job.  If not, these stages of stress may show through during the interview.

A good use of time while going through these stages of stress is to think about where you are in your career and think about where you want to go.

Many churches around the country are now offering Job Search Workshops and weekly Job Search Support Groups.  Career Ministries helps churches set up Quick Start Workshops which may last 7 hours and weekly support groups which may go 2 hours.  Churches interested in setting up this service for their members should contact Career Ministries.

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Job Search Debugged

images-4Rita Ashley, author of Job Search Debugged is the guest on Small Plate Radio’s Job Search Radio show episode 8.

Rita is a job search coach from Medford, OR.  She has worked as a technology industry recruiter and is passionate about the art of listening in order to help calibrate a client’s job search so that it is absolutely spot on.  

Rita’s job is to help her clients stay focused on their goals and deal with the frustrations that inevitably come with the job search process.  Confidence building exercises such as creating “the elevator pitch” help clients stay on track and focus on their strengths. 

Rita’s resume don’ts include saying how many years or decades you have spent in your industry at the expense of highlighting skills and accomplishments.

Remember:  Your personal brand is the promise you make to future employers.  So go forth and build your brand!

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Meetup for Job Search Success

images-3In the short time this blog has been in existence, I’ve chronicled a few of the many job search resources that are available to those looking for that next job.  Here’s a resource I found in Richmond and there is probably something similar in your neighborhood.

When I was job hunting, I joined a couple of job seeker groups that I found on the Meetup website.  One was Virginia Career Network and the other was Career Prospectors.  Both groups offer networking and lead sharing to job searchers, as well as how-to presentations on topics such as resume writing, using social media such as LinkedIn and my all time favorite, creating your own personal “elevator speech.”

A search of sites such as Meetup and LinkedIn will yield groups near you.  You can also check facebook and local government agencies for listings of similar organizations.  There are a lot of these groups out there, many are free, others charge a membership fee.  Some groups focus on certain industries such as technology.

Good luck in your job search and keep networking to find that next great job.

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Network Every Day


Network Online or In Person

Network Online or In Person

I recently stumbled across this great job search article by Barbara Letvin in the online version of the St. Petersburg Times.


I urge you to read all of the article, but here is a snapshot of Barbara’s great job search tips.

Network Every Day: Networking is critical and it can be done in person or online.  Don’t be hesitant about telling people you are job hunting.  You never know from where that next job will come.

Gain new job skills:  If you think your skills are lacking, now is the time to bolster them through classes, seminars, workshops and other resources.  A lot of job training is low cost or free so look around for the best resources.

Take part-time, contract or temporary work: staffing agencies can be great sources of temporary work.  Temporary assignments often lead to permanent jobs.

Find a job search mentor:  this is a great idea I had not considered.  Finding people to help you find a job helps you and makes them feel they are doing something worthwhile.  It’s win-win.

Establish a daily routine for the job search:  Finding a job is your job. Approach the task as you would any other. Get organized, establish a to-do list, hit your job search boards, contacts, etc.  Finding that next job is like finding a needle in a haystack.  The only way you’ll find that needle is through a very systematic effort.

Use libraries, online lists and other free resources: The list of available job search resources is huge.  Put it to good use.

Move yourself: Get out of the house and get moving, even if the connection to your job search is tenuous at best.  Always look your best and be ready to meet your next boss anywhere.

Be flexible: your next opportunity might look nothing like your last one.  Keep an open mind.

Volunteer:  Volunteering knocks off a lot of job search tasks, including networking, getting out there and possible learning new skills.

If you do all of these things to enhance your job search, you will be head and shoulder above the rest.  Good luck!

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More Competition for that Next Job

Winners Wanted

Winners Wanted

I’m going to try to avoid piling on the bad news in this blog.  There’s plenty of it out there and I don’t need to be the bearer of bad news.  But when it comes to the job search, the fact that there are now 13 million Americans out there pounding the pavement means that the competition for that next job can seem overwhelming.

It’s clear that traditional job hunting strategies are not sufficient for the new reality.  Job seekers must work harder, get more creative and exhibit more flexibility in their job hunt.  Think of the job search as the most challenging assignment you’ve faced.  Bring all of your creativity, energy and resources to the task.  Stay positive and take advantage of every opportunity to get out there and make those connections that may lead to your next gig.

To win in the new job marketplace, you’ve got to take on the habits of a winner.

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Look Boss, I’m on TV!

Would you hire this guy?

Would you hire this guy?

The newest job seeking craze, buying billboard space advertising your availability, or recording jobseeker spots for TV, do smack a bit of desperation.  Not that I’m against desperation.  Sometimes desperation is just the right motivation.

The only thing I wonder is if it works.  The odds are against a job seeker having a potential employer drive by a billboard or just happen to see a public access spot on TV and say, “that’s just the guy/gal I’m looking for!”

But in today’s job environment, finding jobs are like finding a needle in a haystack.  You and the rest of countless other “straws of hay” are equally qualified, equally motivated (perhaps) and are all seeking that same tiny needle, your next job.  Will a billboard or a TV spot increase your chances?  Is there a downside to this type of exposure?  It’s hard to say, but one thing that is certain is that today’s tight job market has forced job seekers to seek increasingly new and more creative ways to get a potential employer’s attention.

And attention is the name of the game.

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Just another Job Search Blog



Is there a job out there for me?

Is there a job out there for me?

There are already plenty of  blogs out there devoted to the art and the science of the job search.  But with so many folks pounding the pavement looking for their next gig, I figured one more won’t hurt.  Thanks for checking in and check back often for job search ideas, advice and success stories.

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