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As one of the creators and producers of Job Search Radio on the Small Plate Radio Network, I was suddenly thrust into the growing job search industry.  The number of experts and pundits on the job search is exploding, as are the resources devoted to helping job seekers.  There are an endless number of websites, blogs and free and not-so-free information sources out there just waiting to be explored.  This blog will help highlight some of those resources.  If you know of a great job search resource, please pass along the information.  Thanks for visiting this blog and good luck with your job search.

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  1. I thought you and your readers would be interested in MeetingWave which is a free patented online tool that allows members to post invites for proposed networking meetings with new people over coffee, lunch or other meeting activity. Many articles highlight the importance of “networking” when searching for a new job, client or other opportunity (google ‘networking job search’, for example).

    Most jobs are found through contacts, rather than ads or recruiters. As recently explained on About.com’s job searching blog:

    MeetingWave’s goal, from a job searching perspective, is to help job seekers arrange face-to-face meetings with new people to expand their business and social networks. Meeting people in person is definitely a good way to enhance your job search. Referrals are still the top way people get jobs, be it online referral or a personal one.


    Another recent article entitled “MeetingWave: the new business personals” states MeetingWave’s “focus is fairly direct: to help you find new business, job opportunities, clients, or social contacts”.

    MeetingWave Features:
    * Control when and where you meet and whether the meeting occurs.
    * Control who you meet and when to disclose your identity.

    MeetingWave has recruiters, job seekers, entrepreneurs, small business owners, consultants, attorneys, real estate professionals, and others posting invites to meet new clients or customers or make new business contacts.

    MeetingWave’s blog includes posts that address many questions raised by new users. You can also read about MeetingWave in the In the News section of the site.

    The technology is protected by US Patents 6,963,900 and 7,483,946.

    Comment by John | April 13, 2009 | Reply

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