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Look Boss, I’m on TV!

Would you hire this guy?

Would you hire this guy?

The newest job seeking craze, buying billboard space advertising your availability, or recording jobseeker spots for TV, do smack a bit of desperation.  Not that I’m against desperation.  Sometimes desperation is just the right motivation.

The only thing I wonder is if it works.  The odds are against a job seeker having a potential employer drive by a billboard or just happen to see a public access spot on TV and say, “that’s just the guy/gal I’m looking for!”

But in today’s job environment, finding jobs are like finding a needle in a haystack.  You and the rest of countless other “straws of hay” are equally qualified, equally motivated (perhaps) and are all seeking that same tiny needle, your next job.  Will a billboard or a TV spot increase your chances?  Is there a downside to this type of exposure?  It’s hard to say, but one thing that is certain is that today’s tight job market has forced job seekers to seek increasingly new and more creative ways to get a potential employer’s attention.

And attention is the name of the game.


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