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Winners Wanted

Winners Wanted

I’m going to try to avoid piling on the bad news in this blog.  There’s plenty of it out there and I don’t need to be the bearer of bad news.  But when it comes to the job search, the fact that there are now 13 million Americans out there pounding the pavement means that the competition for that next job can seem overwhelming.

It’s clear that traditional job hunting strategies are not sufficient for the new reality.  Job seekers must work harder, get more creative and exhibit more flexibility in their job hunt.  Think of the job search as the most challenging assignment you’ve faced.  Bring all of your creativity, energy and resources to the task.  Stay positive and take advantage of every opportunity to get out there and make those connections that may lead to your next gig.

To win in the new job marketplace, you’ve got to take on the habits of a winner.


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Is there a job out there for me?

Is there a job out there for me?

There are already plenty of  blogs out there devoted to the art and the science of the job search.  But with so many folks pounding the pavement looking for their next gig, I figured one more won’t hurt.  Thanks for checking in and check back often for job search ideas, advice and success stories.

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