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images-4Rita Ashley, author of Job Search Debugged is the guest on Small Plate Radio’s Job Search Radio show episode 8.

Rita is a job search coach from Medford, OR.  She has worked as a technology industry recruiter and is passionate about the art of listening in order to help calibrate a client’s job search so that it is absolutely spot on.  

Rita’s job is to help her clients stay focused on their goals and deal with the frustrations that inevitably come with the job search process.  Confidence building exercises such as creating “the elevator pitch” help clients stay on track and focus on their strengths. 

Rita’s resume don’ts include saying how many years or decades you have spent in your industry at the expense of highlighting skills and accomplishments.

Remember:  Your personal brand is the promise you make to future employers.  So go forth and build your brand!


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Job Search Radio Episode 4

Job Search Radio Episode 3

Job Search Radio Episode 4


Here’s my synopsis of Job Search Radio’s Episode 4.  

Joe Shiver, Career Advisor at the Art Institute of Atlanta talks about the importance of networking in the job search process, especially while students are still in school.  Finding a mentor in the industry, obtaining a quality internship, preparing sufficiently for an interview and insuring that your resume is up to snuff are all keys to getting a heads up in your job search.

Sunny K. Lurie, Founder of Fast Focus Careers talks about the concepts of “underemployed” (lack job satisfaction and enthusiasm) and “superemployed” (using your strengths at work, looking forward to going to work, engaged in your work).  When you do something you really enjoy and you’re good at it, you’re in a “flow state” and time flies.  The five steps to becoming “superemployed:” Uncover your true strengths and passions, what am I good at; explore new possibilities about the world of work; do research on new career possibilities and match your strengths to identify a new career goal; create an action plan to reach your new career goal; tap into your support system, talk to your network about your goals.

Steve Jones of Careerzition, talks about using Careerzition to shorten your career transition by offering career advice through webinars, resource guides and an exclusive resume critique.   The website offers advice on preparing for a career change, helps with career assessments and gives advice on how to get your resume on monster and other job search engines. The website offers exclusive content written by recruiters on a wide range of topics including how to best utilize social networks such as LinkedIn to further your job search.

Job Search Radio airs Mondays at 1pm eastern on the Small Plate Radio Network.

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