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How to Get a Restaurant Job

Waitress_071025090038188_wideweb__300x357Like a lot of folks out there, I put in my time in the trenches of the restaurant business.  While I have no desire to relive those days, I’m grateful that the jobs I had gave me a chance to pay my bills, not starve and make some great friends along the way.  I also learned a lot about how to relate to people and more importantly, how to sell to them.

On Episode 11 of Job Search Radio on the Small Plate Radio Network, Kyle O’Brien interviews Dianne Hosford, principal at Portland, OR’s Two Lucy’s View.  Dianne gives great tips on how to find a restaurant job and the qualities you’ll need to be successful in that industry.

The restaurant business can be a great way to make some quick cash while you’re looking for a more permanent position and it also makes a great second job for entry level workers doing the 9 to 5 thing.  Good luck and don’t be afraid to sling that hash.


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Job Seekers Seek Jobs


Job Search Radio Episode 10

JSR Episode 10

The guests on Small Plate Radio Network’s Job Search Radio Episode 10 are job search experts of a different type.  They’re looking for jobs.  Listen to their top tips for job searchers including constant networking, letting friends know they’re looking and their frustrations with job search boards.

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A Creative Disaster

images-3Brooks Gilley, Managing Director of 52 Limited, talks about the impact the recession has had on the Creative Industry on Episode 9 of Job Search Radio on the Small Plate Radio Network. Brooks says the recession has been disastrous for folks working in Portland, Oregon’s tight knit creative community.  A lack of diversification in the Portland economy has made creative gigs hard to find.

52 Limited has an interesting business model.  It’s both a staffing resource for clients looking for talent in the creative space, but it also has created a freelance talent network that is unmatched anywhere in the U.S.  52 Limited’s “virtual teams” are custom crafted around a specific project initiative.  One team might tackle a rebranding effort, another team might work on an internal communications project.

These virtual teams put creative talent to work on challenging assignments while 52 Limited’s placement experts help them find a permanent gig.

Brooks says frustration is the job seeker’s biggest enemy and he often counsels weary creatives to take a vacation and clear their head.  “Getting to the happy” is the way to clear the path for great creative work to come through.  

Brooks also points out that good people are hard to find and says companies seeking great talent need to take the long view and treat their creatives like true partners.  That will help them attract the best talent in what will undoubtedly once again become a competitive hiring marketplace.

Brooks urges job seekers not give up hope.  The creative industry is changing and people who have the right skills will succeed in the new economy.

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Job Search Debugged

images-4Rita Ashley, author of Job Search Debugged is the guest on Small Plate Radio’s Job Search Radio show episode 8.

Rita is a job search coach from Medford, OR.  She has worked as a technology industry recruiter and is passionate about the art of listening in order to help calibrate a client’s job search so that it is absolutely spot on.  

Rita’s job is to help her clients stay focused on their goals and deal with the frustrations that inevitably come with the job search process.  Confidence building exercises such as creating “the elevator pitch” help clients stay on track and focus on their strengths. 

Rita’s resume don’ts include saying how many years or decades you have spent in your industry at the expense of highlighting skills and accomplishments.

Remember:  Your personal brand is the promise you make to future employers.  So go forth and build your brand!

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