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Social Media Can Make or Break a Job Search

images-6Online social networking can be a key component to finding that next job. In fact, nowadays, online experts say using some sites, like Facebook, is almost mandatory. KING 5’s Deborah Feldman reports.


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Meetup for Job Search Success

images-3In the short time this blog has been in existence, I’ve chronicled a few of the many job search resources that are available to those looking for that next job.  Here’s a resource I found in Richmond and there is probably something similar in your neighborhood.

When I was job hunting, I joined a couple of job seeker groups that I found on the Meetup website.  One was Virginia Career Network and the other was Career Prospectors.  Both groups offer networking and lead sharing to job searchers, as well as how-to presentations on topics such as resume writing, using social media such as LinkedIn and my all time favorite, creating your own personal “elevator speech.”

A search of sites such as Meetup and LinkedIn will yield groups near you.  You can also check facebook and local government agencies for listings of similar organizations.  There are a lot of these groups out there, many are free, others charge a membership fee.  Some groups focus on certain industries such as technology.

Good luck in your job search and keep networking to find that next great job.

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Tweet Yourself a Job

images-21I was amazed at all of the resources available on facebook, but I’m blown away by what’s available to job searchers on Twitter.

Once again, thanks to the fine folks at AskBINC for chronicling the top 15 Twitter Applications for Your Job Search. Twitter applications are coming online so fast that it’s hard to keep track of all the great uses of this amazing micro-blogging platform.  I don’t have the bandwidth to keep up with many of the latest and greatest Twitter applications, but I’m happy to note the ones that make it onto my radar screen.

The 15 job search applications noted by AskBINC range from web/tech pro recruitment apps like TweetJobSearch, to general search apps like Twellow to really cool apps that take advantage of #tags like ConnectTweet and HashDictionary.

I recently downloaded TweetDeck and it’s been a great dashboard to keep track of all of my Tweeple.  But it’s also a great job search resource as it allows you to search for certain topics and then group those topics into a feed.  If you want to search for “PR jobs” you can do it.  TweetDeck is twitterific.

Now get out there and Tweet your way to a job!

UPDATE:  The awesome folks at ResumeBear have posted 50 People on Twitter that Job Seekers Should Follow.  This is a great list.  Whoever manages social media at ResumeBear is really on the ball.  If that’s you, drop me a line, I’d like to hear from you.

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Put on Your Job Face

images-12When it comes to the job search, social media is a great way to locate resources, make contacts and even find job listings.  While there are a number of social media websites all a-twitter (sorry!) with job search help, I had thought until now, that LinkedIn was the undisputed king of the job search.  After all, LinkedIn provides every conceivable industry networking opportunity, has great search capabilities and can show you how to connect to just the right person.

But a recent post on facebook caught my eye about the value of that website for the job search.  I am a facebook fan and am in awe of the site’s reach and the viral potential of its groups and fan pages.  But what I didn’t know was how many applications are available on facebook to help the job seeker.

AskBINC has identified 20 useful job search applications on facebook.  The apps range from simple but helpful, like posting a LinkedIn badge on your facebook page, to the really handy Indeed Job Search app that helps you find jobs where your friends work.  Many of the other 18 apps help you grow your social network which enhances the job search process.

facebook:  it’s not just for dumb quizzes anymore!

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