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Network Online or In Person

I recently stumbled across this great job search article by Barbara Letvin in the online version of the St. Petersburg Times.


I urge you to read all of the article, but here is a snapshot of Barbara’s great job search tips.

Network Every Day: Networking is critical and it can be done in person or online.  Don’t be hesitant about telling people you are job hunting.  You never know from where that next job will come.

Gain new job skills:  If you think your skills are lacking, now is the time to bolster them through classes, seminars, workshops and other resources.  A lot of job training is low cost or free so look around for the best resources.

Take part-time, contract or temporary work: staffing agencies can be great sources of temporary work.  Temporary assignments often lead to permanent jobs.

Find a job search mentor:  this is a great idea I had not considered.  Finding people to help you find a job helps you and makes them feel they are doing something worthwhile.  It’s win-win.

Establish a daily routine for the job search:  Finding a job is your job. Approach the task as you would any other. Get organized, establish a to-do list, hit your job search boards, contacts, etc.  Finding that next job is like finding a needle in a haystack.  The only way you’ll find that needle is through a very systematic effort.

Use libraries, online lists and other free resources: The list of available job search resources is huge.  Put it to good use.

Move yourself: Get out of the house and get moving, even if the connection to your job search is tenuous at best.  Always look your best and be ready to meet your next boss anywhere.

Be flexible: your next opportunity might look nothing like your last one.  Keep an open mind.

Volunteer:  Volunteering knocks off a lot of job search tasks, including networking, getting out there and possible learning new skills.

If you do all of these things to enhance your job search, you will be head and shoulder above the rest.  Good luck!

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