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Stress can sink an interview

I recently came across this article about the challenges overweight job seekers may experience.  It’s an interesting article, but I’ll let you come to your own conclusions about whether overweight people are disadvantaged in the job market, etc.

What I thought was interesting about the article was that it shines a spotlight on how stress affects the job search.  Stress over self-image is just as stressful as anything else and that stress may very well show through in an interview.  So it may not be a job seeker’s appearance that’s the problem, but the stress over that appearance (or over some other reason) that may affect interview performance.

When I was interviewing for my current gig, it was a very thorough interview process where I was interviewed by four different people at four different times.  I felt my stress levels rise as the process progressed.  By the time I got to the last interview with the big boss, I was so stressed out that I drove right past the building and was a couple of minutes late.  It all ended well, but I’ll remember that time as a real stress inducer.

Whatever your source of stress, identify it and deal with it so that you can concentrate on your strengths and not dwell on your perceived shortfalls.


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