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Job Search Radio Episode 7

Picture_37_biggerHere’s a synopsis of Job Search Radio Episode 7.

Today’s guest is Mark Cummuta, volunteer CIO of Job Angels.  Job Angels is a non-profit organization that seeks to match job seekers with job mentors or “job angels.”  Each job angel commits to a single goal:  to help just one person find meaningful employment. 

Job Angels uses LinkedIn to match the profiles of job seekers with job mentors who may be able to help them find a job.  Job Angels has about 15,000 volunteers scouring LinkedIn profiles of Job Angels group members who they may be able to help. If you’re looking for a job, here are three things you can do:  Join the Job Angels LinkedIn group, follow Job Angels on twitter and sign up for the Taking Flight newsletter.

Here’s another thing you can do:  Listen to Job Search Radio every Monday at 10am pacific/1pm eastern.


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